Young Guns of Golf – The Changing of the Guard

Young Guns of Golf – The Changing of the Guard

Golf is currently entering an exciting stage in its long history, we are emerging from the Tiger era and entering the era of the young guns. The baton has well and truly been passed on and it is easy to see who the new guard is when we look at the top of the world golf rankings.


The last two years we have seen Rory McIlroy and Jordan Spieth emerge as the two best players on the planet. Although two very different styles of how to play the game, the results are the same. They now hold all 4 of the major trophies between them, and had Rory not injured his foot in a football incident we may have been getting ready to see an epic battle between the two at St Andrews.

Rory is the gun slinger that hits the ball out of sight and has the ability to go on a run of birdies from nowhere. After winning the British Open and the USPGA championship at the trail end of 2014 he looked unstoppable, and people began to talk of grand slams and records similar to that of Jack and Tiger……. Then along came Jordan who upset the apple cart at the season opening Major the US Masters. Despite any demons that may have lingered from the previous year Jordan kept his cool and stayed extremely consistent throughout the tournament, by the time Sunday evening came around it all looked so easy for him. However not to be prescribed the one hit wonder label of so many before him, Jordan followed it up with a great victory at the US Open in the most unusual Chambers bay. This could be the start of a dramatic and long standing rivalry between these two amazing talents. Although Rory has a few more years and a few more tournaments under his belt, when you watch Jordan play he looks like a veteran, he never looks flustered under pressure, and always seems to be in control of his emotions.

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