Rickie Fowler: Before and after Butch


As Rickie begins to get the club towards the top of the backswing, you can see the impact his takeaway has on the rest of the swing. With Rickie’s old swing you will notice that his hands have begun to move significantly behind his body in an attempt to shallow out the club after a very steep takeaway. On the right you will see a much more traditional backswing position. He has positioned his hands more in front of his body, the club is nicely on plane and pointing towards the golf ball and the club face is in quite a neutral position. This will make it much easier for Rickie to achieve a good position on the downswing.


When we compare old and new side by side at the top of the backswing we can see just how different his new swing as become. You will notice with his old swing on the left hand side the club has gone significantly passed parallel and the club face is in an extremely closed position pointing almost towards the sky. with his 2014 swing on the right hand side the club is in a fantastic position. It has finished in a much shorter and more supported backswing and the face is in a far more neutral position. This supported backswing position will make it far easier for Rickie to produce consistency in his downswing.


As Rickie transitions into the downswing we can see the club begins to really fall behind him and under his shoulder, pointing almost towards the grandstand on the left with his old swing. With his more recent swing we can see because of the more supported backswing it is much easier for Rickie to keep the club more in front of his body. This will make it far easier to produce a consistent impact position with less draw on the golf ball.

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