Rickie Fowler: Before and after Butch


You will notice in Rickie’s old downswing both his hands and the golf club are significantly behind him. This is almost the polar opposite to the beginning of his backswing which was upright and closed. This reroute had actually began to cause Rickie quite a bit of back pain prior to working with Butch. This became one key that they really wanted to improve in order to preserve Rickies longevity in golf as well as his performance. You can see on the right the golf club is far more in front of his body, on a very similar plane to where it was on the backswing. This should mean a lot less pressure on Fowler’s back and also more consistent results.


At impact we can see Rickie now has the ability to get much more on top of the golf ball. No longer does he need to stay behind the ball and protect against it going left, he can go at the golf ball aggressively and without pain in his lower back.


As we look at both finishes they appear to be quite similar but there is one or two subtle differences. on the right you will notice Rickie does not look as tightly wound as on the left, you could call it a little shorter even. To me I would suspect that this has something to do with removing the tension on his back.

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Originally from Co Meath, Ireland, Jamie McConnell moved to Dubai in 2013 to take up a full time coaching position at the Butch Harmon School of golf. As a full time teaching professional Jamie coaches both professionals and amateurs of varying abilities using the Harmon Family fundamentals to help them improve their game.

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