Jason Day Swing Analysis

Jason Day Swing Analysis

After his standout 2015 campaign; 5 PGA Tour wins (1 Major) and his recent wins at the ’16 Arnold Palmer Invitational and WGC-Dell Match Play, Jason Day has most certainly solidified his place among the golfing elite. Day’s has epitomised the phrase “if it first you don’t succeed, try and try again”, as he has continuously put himself in position to win major championships over the last two years. Down the stretch at whistling straits there was no stopping him as he flushed one after another down the middle of the fairway in a display that 2 time major winner Jordan Spieth described as “a stripe show” and “a clinic”. Day is one of the longest hitters on the PGA Tour but his consistency tee to green is even more impressive.


One of the most noticeable things throughout Jason’s swing are how sound his fundamentals are. Looking at Jason’s address position on the left you will see he has a wide stance to help create a very stable base to strike the ball from. As we look at the down the line view on the right hand side you will see he almost sits into his posture a little which when combined with his wide stance will help him create an exceptionally stable lower body throughout his golf swing. Day’s arms hang nicely below his shoulders in a very relaxed looking position and he has a very neutral spine as he addresses the golf ball.


As Day begins to take the club back you will notice he does all the simple things right. He starts the club away by turning his shoulders and maintaining a very wide stretch with his arms. Looking at the face on image on the left you will see Jason has maintained fantastic stability in his lower body as he begins to coil into his right hip and set the club. This stability in his lower body definitely plays a huge part in the consistency that Day displays every time he competes. As we look to the image on the right you will see just how much width he has actually created as he takes the club back, he has also managed to keep the club just above the plane line and the face perfectly square to his spine angle.


As the club begins to approach the top of the golf swing Jason creates a huge arc with his hands and arms, while maintaining a very stable lower body. By doing this he has strated to create a lot of separation between the lower and upper body. This is commonly known as “x factor stretch” and is very common among some of the longest hitters on tour. You will see on the right hand side he really coils into his right hip, almost using it as resistance to “spring from” when he wants to apply the power in the downs wing. You will also see he has managed to keep his hands in front of his chest which will help reduce the chances of dropping the club underneath the plane line and missing left too often.
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