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This to me is one of the strongest attributes of Day’s golf swing. We see so many players that as they approach the top of the backswing their shoulders cannot turn any further so they allow the club to lift or ‘carry on” with the arms. This move can often affect how the club transitions into the downswing and in turn can really affect consistency and direction. In Jason’s swing we can see he keeps the club in a nice short position, and never allows the arms to lift or run away from the body, by doing this he can unload all of the energy he has stored up to this point at the golf ball with no fear of a big miss. His lower body is in a fantastic position in both images, and as you will notice little or no lateral shift of his hips.


As Jason delivers the golf club to the ball you will notice his sequencing is fantastic. From the top of the backswing his first movement towards the ball starts with the lower body bumping towards the golf ball and “closing the gap” with the line we have drawn opposite his lead foot. You will also notice he manages to maintain a lot of similarities to the backswing on the right hand side, where he has managed to keep the club above the plane line and both the clubface and left wrist appear to be in a very neutral position.


Jason’s Impact position is fantastic, he has transferred his weight into his lead foot and maintained a very flat left wrist as he approaches impact. His hips have cleared nicely out of the way without becoming over active and as a result he has posted nicely on his lead foot. You will notice with Jason his footwork throughout the swing is minimal, he keeps everything nice and quiet in the backswing as he loads up his right hip and on the way down manages to maintain his posture through the golf ball.
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