Henrick Stenson Swing Analysis


As Stenson begins the downswing we see a dramatic shift forward with his body, and unlike a lot of the longer drivers of the golf ball you will actually see his head also moving towards the ball. This move means that Stenson will create a lot of lag in the downswing, however the disadvantage of this movement forward can sometimes mean a slightly steeper attack angle as the club approaches the golf ball. However one thing you may notice with Stenson is that he frequently hits a 2 wood (a strongly lofted 3 wood) from the tee to accommodate this. Having more loft from the tee will allow Henrik to hit down on the ball with power, and still hit the golf ball a long way.

As we look at the left hand side you will see the club head dipping fractionally under the original shaft plane and the club coming from behind his hands. This movement will allow Henrik create an in to out path and a slight draw shape to his ball flight.


As we can see from Henriks impact position on the left, he has really cleared his hips through the ball, unloading all of that energy he created in the backswing through the golf ball. You will notice his right forearm is in a slightly tucked position, again implying that slight in to out path and allowing him to create a draw shape to the ball flight.


As you can see from the above images Stenson really chases the ball as it leaves the club face. His arms really stretch through the shot and the club face stays nicely with his body and not getting too shut post impact. Unusually the club rises in quite an upright fashion post impact which also helps Stenson reduce the odds of missing the ball left.


Stenson’s finish is generally a little different than most, he will normally finish in a relatively short follow through which often looks as if he has “punched” the golf ball, however as we see with almost every player he is exceptionally balanced and in control of his body at this point.

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