Using Swing Profile to Master Bunker Shots


As we look at Padraig a couple of frames after impact you can clearly see the club has actually outraced his hands after the ball has left the sand. Often the average golfer will try to lean the handle of the club forward through impact in an effort to somehow get the golf ball out, however doing this will in fact have the opposite affect and cause the club to dig into the sand. We would like to see the club passing the hands which will help keep the face open through impact and allow the back of the club strike the sand first. You will also see again that Harrington’s head and body has stayed exceptionally centred throughout this swing.


Harrington’s finishing position is very close to a full swing in terms of length, however you will see less of a forward move with his body towards the target. This will allow Padraig to maintain speed in the club head but still allow the club to enter the sand before the ball. If there was more movement towards the target he would risk catching the ball too cleanly and ending up with a shot that would travel too far.

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