Matt Fitzpatrick Swing Analysis

Matt Fitzpatrick Swing Analysis

After his recent victory at the British Masters at Woburn Golf Club, Matt Fitzpatrick is beginning to show the talent that led him to victory in the US Amateur Championship. At 5ft 9 and only 65kg, most would assume that he would struggle for power and distance, however as he averages 287 yards from the tee, it would be hard to define him as short by any means.


As we look at Matt’s address position we will see a generally textbook set up. The golf ball is forward in his stance, his spine is angled backwards away from the golf ball and his hands are positioned in line with the golf ball. One thing that does stand out however is his grip, and in particular his left hand. You will notice as you look at his left hand we can see a significant amount of the logo on the back of his glove. This would be known as a “strong grip” and is commonly associated with someone who would draw the golf ball.


As with his address position everything in the take away looks relatively normal with the exception of the grip. Matt stretches his arms away from his body to create an exceptionally wide swing arc with the club head. His shoulders are the driving force behind the club moving away from the ball, however again if you take a look at his left hand it is in an unusual position, pointing skyward. Despite this Matt has actually managed to keep the club face in a relatively neutral position as you look at the club from a down the line position.


As Matt approaches the top of the backswing you will notice his lower body has remained quite stable, and his arms have maintained a wide arc with throughout. As you look at his left wrist it has reached quite a “cupped” position, yet if we take a look at the clubface it is actually in a closed position. This is a very unusual combination of factors as traditionally we would associate a “bowed wrist” position with a shut club face and a “cupped wrist” position with a more open club face.

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