Matt Fitzpatrick Swing Analysis


Matts flexibility really comes to light at the top of the backswing. The club has passed parallel without any real lateral movement of the lower body. Allowing the upper body to coil without the lower body moving too much will allow Matt to create a significant amount of speed from his very slight frame. Yet again we see that unusual combination of a cupped left wrist with a shut clubface, alongside a very narrow angle created between his left arm and the club shaft.


Matt’s downswing sequence starts with an efficient “bump” of hips towards the target. As you will see from the image below his hips have moved towards the target, yet his upper body remains behind the ball. You will also notice that Matt creates an exceptional amount of lag in the downswing, as we can see from the narrow angle between his left arm and the club. This will help Matt hold the club face open and reduce his chances of missing to the left of target.


Matt’s impact with the driver is most certainly an unusual on compared to most players, particularly drawers of the golf ball. With most players you will see them release the club head, or allow it to catch up with the hands. In Matt’s case you will see he really holds the hands forward of the club head in an effort to not allow the clubface close too much. If he were to release it in the way someone like Rory McIlroy does, he may see the left side of the golf course quite often.

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