Adam Scott Swing Analysis

Adam Scott Swing Analysis

Adam Scott is widely considered to have one of if not the best swing in modern golf. If you were to design a golf swing from the beginning, his swing is most likely to be close to the finished product. Adam’s swing epitimises the modern, athletic golf swing and he uses it to great effect.  Many of Scott’s swing movements are very similar to the early (and best) years of Tiger Woods, and as we look at his swing today we can clearly see how he modelled his swing on Tiger’s.


Adam’s Set up with the driver is almost picture perfect. Adam’s posture appears to be tall, strong and athletic with his body alignment parallel left of the ball to target line. We also see Adam create an exceptionally wide and stable base with his lower half, this will be a constant focus point throughout the swing as he not only uses his lower body for support but also as a power source.  The ball is positioned just inside the left heel and his spine is slightly angled away from the target with one of the most perfect grips you will see.


One of Adam’s greatest assets is how he begins the swing. As he moves the club away from the golf ball he keeps the club nicely in front of his body. His lower body has hardly any movement and there is no wasted energy at all as he begins to turn his upper body into the backswing.

The arms stretch away from his body as the club moves away from the golf ball, resulting in an exceptionally wide swing arc which is partly why Adam is such a consistent ball striker. The club face itself is slightly more vertical than his spine angle, which some would say creates an open club face at this point, however the most relevant face positions occur in the downswing.


As he turns the club away he turns his body with the golf club, hands and arms don’t go independently

As Adam approaches the top of the backswing we can see his lower body remains exceptionally stable as his upper body turns around it. On of my favourite things about Adam’s Takeaway is how his arms turn with his body and never move independently. We also begin to see Adam really loading into his right leg as his upper body turns behind the golf ball, and from a down the line view we can see the club is perfectly on plane.

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