Adam Scott Swing Analysis



By the time he reaches the top of the backswing Adam has stored a tremendous amount of power behind the golf ball. His upper body is more behind the ball than when he started, and his arms have stretched wide and away from his head. You will also notice that his lower body has hardly moved from its initial position and Adam is prepared to drive his lower half towards the golf ball.


Adam’s begins the sequence downwards with his lower body using the ground to push his lower body towards the ball. This is the ideal way to begin the downswing, and as you will see on the left hand side his club begins to fall downwards towards the original plane line as a result. When we combine this falling movement of the golf club with a closing club face we have the perfect launch conditions for the high draw that Adam Loves to play.


Adam’s delivery of the golf club to impact is spectacular, his hips have fully opened up to the target at this point and cleared the way for the upper body to really fire the golf club through the impact area.

As you look at the face on view on the right hand side you will see how well Adam has posted on his lead leg, but more importantly how he has managed to square the golf club up to the ball and align it with his lead forearm. This “catching up” Of the golf club allows Adam to hit upwards into the golf ball and maximise his distance from the tee.

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