Jimmy Walker Swing Analysis

Jimmy Walker Swing Analysis

Over the last couple of years Jimmy Walker has been one of the most consistent players on the PGA Tour, and has most certainly earned his right to be positioned in the top 20 players in the world. Since Joining the Butch Harmon stable over two years ago he has become a multiple winner on the PGA Tour and a contender week in week out.


Walker has an exceptionally traditional set up with his fundamentals being as close to perfect as you will see from any player on the tour. From down the line you will see he looks exceptionally tall and balanced, with a great hinge from his hips and his arms in a nice relaxed position. His weight is 50/50, again perfectly balanced and poised, while he also shows some fantastic symmetry at address. From a face on view on the right you will see Jimmy has a wide and sturdy base, this is something which he has changed recently with his coach Butch Harmon, “Getting wide dropped his head behind the ball more. That’s good for the driver.”


As Jimmy moves the club away from the golf ball you will see the perfect takeaway. The club sits just above the plane line, the face is perfectly aligned t his spine angle, and the club is ready to work upwards to the top of the backswing.

On the right you will see Jimmy really begins to stretch his arms away from his body to create a wide swing arc which is part of the reason that Walker has produced such consistency over the last few years. According to Butch “Jimmy used to get the club narrow and too much to the inside during the takeaway,” “Now look how far his left hand is away from his head as he goes back. His left arm is really stretched out. Plus, the shaft swings back more in line with his feet instead of going quickly to the inside.”

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Originally from Co Meath, Ireland, Jamie McConnell moved to Dubai in 2013 to take up a full time coaching position at the Butch Harmon School of golf. As a full time teaching professional Jamie coaches both professionals and amateurs of varying abilities using the Harmon Family fundamentals to help them improve their game.

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