Jimmy Walker Swing Analysis



As Jimmy approaches the top of the backswing you will see he continues to do all of the simple things correctly. The hands remain in such a great position as he refuses to let the get too far behind him, the club is angled nicely towards the golf ball, and you can really see he has maintained a very stable lower body while making a big turn with his upper body.


Jimmy really shows his phenominal flexibility at the top of the backswing. He really winds the club up which can actually sometimes work against him. One thing Walker has constantly worked on is in controlling how much he turns in the backswing. Reducing the turn will make it easier for him to deliver the club to the ball consistently. Agin you will notice how stable his lower half has stayed while he coils his upper body against it. This is how Jimmy creates so much power in his swing.


As Jimmy begins to bring the club down from the top of the backswing, you will see he keeps the club nicely above the plane line, and does not allow it to drop or fall behind his back two much. This will help him reduc any right to left curvature he may impart to the golf ball.

You will also notice on the right hand side he maintains some real width in the downswing. Walker has worked hard in the past in keeping some distance between the golf club and his head. Before working with Harmon you would have seen the shaft almost touch his shoulder on the downswing, as we look at him now you will notice a nice amount of space between the club and his head.

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