Jimmy Walker Swing Analysis



As we look at walkers impact we see a few unusual positions. On the left you will notice the handle of the club gets a little high through the ball when compared with the original club position address.

On the right you will see his head (and as a result his spine) begins to fall quite a long way behind the ball, and as a result we can see walkers lead leg does not post quite as well as others on the tour. This is something that Butch will describe as “a work in progress” They are constantly working on getting Jimmy more on top of the golf ball at impact”


Jimmy’s release is most certainly a natural and free flowing one that allows the club to chase the ball with some real width to match that of the back swing. As the ball leaves the Club face walker really extends his arms and allows the club to naturally rotate through the shot without manipulation.


Jimmy’s finish is a great demonstration of how well he has unwound his body through impact. He shows fantastic balance at the end of the swing and combines it with a huge turn of the shoulders after the ball has left.

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