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Deb Vangellow


LPGA T&CP National President, 2012 LPGA National Teacher of the Year

SWINGPROFILE is a winner!  This is a brilliant golf swing analysis app that bleeds efficiency for the busy golf instructor…continuous recording with auto-trim, auto draw of swing plane/shoulder plane/vertical reference lines, side by side analysis/video overlay tools with automatic swing synchronization, and my favourite…frame-by-frame sequence view!  It was total “synchro-destiny” to meet Dr. Zeke Chan…pleased to call him a passionate colleague and friend.  Thank you for a great teaching tool…I believe!

Susan Farron


PGA Professional AAA, Former European Tour Player, NZ High Performance Coach, NZPGA President

Since I have been using SwingProfile anaylsis app it has enhanced my coaching business and has added value to my clients golf improvement programme.  What I like best about the Swing Profile App is it’s simple to use and incredibly efficient for both the coach and student.   The autoplay and replay recording is a fantastic feedback tool for every golfer, checking instantly their last swing move.   All the reference lines are there for frame by frame expert anaylsis or as simple as you need it to be for all levels of golf.

Thanks SwingProfile for helping make golf a better game!!!

George McNamara


PGA Master Professional, Philadelphia PGA Hall of Fame, 2012 Golf Digest Best Teacher in Delaware

I have been Teaching and Coaching golf since 1966. I have used both JC Video and V1 and have recently switched to Swing Profile. It has the most advanced video technology on the market. It includes auto capture, auto trim, auto sequence, auto line and auto sync. One captured golf swing produces a crystal clear picture as well as a seven frame by frame sequence of the swing. Multi sequence allows three swings to be compared at one time on the same screen. Swing Profile is inexpensive, easy to use and clearly the best video capture app available in the golf industry.

George McNamara


European Golf Teachers Federation Master Teaching Professional

This Swing Profile app is the easiest yet sophisticated in its quality to use I have had the pleasure of using. It is my intention to use it in my golf academy for all golf swings that are recorded. Point and film as easy as that. Brilliant.

Douglas Hendricks


Host & Producer – Winning Golf TV, PGA Golf Professional

The Swing Profile Pro application is the best one I’ve seen in my 32 years as a PGA Golf Professional. The application is easy for the instructor and student to use and the options are second to none. It’s also breaks down each segment of the swing immediately which allows for perfect and timely analysis. My students are thrilled with the detail and functionality of this program. I highly recommend this application!!

Haldane Lee


NZPGA Professional, NZGOLFDOCTOR, Teaching Golf Professional at Maungakiekie GC

Swing Profile is an awesome golf tool no serious golfer should be without. Everybody wants to know how good or for that matter how bad their swing is.
Swing Profile is so simple to use and gives you back instant results time and time again. I have used another software program for a few years now and honestly thought it was the best. Swing Profile blows this technology out of the park. Thanks Swing Profile for bringing your awesome technology to golf. You are a true game changer.

Scott Pickett


ProDrive Golf, Omanu

I am impressed with SwingProfile. It is time efficient and easy to use. As a golf professional, it is very important not to waste valuable time of the client, when teaching. The degree of automation provided is exactly what I need to deliver the swing information correctly and quickly.

Stephen Cowan


NZPGA, Director of Coaching, Complete Golf

Swing Profile is an amazing development in swing analysis software. In a few easy steps you can record and view your swing in a number of key positions, helping you to see and understand the swing changes you are working on with your PGA Professional. This application is an absolute must buy for all golfers who enjoy practicing and improving their swing.

Mike Caldwell


US PGA, Golf Coach at Blue Bell Country Club

I have yet to come across an all encompassing video program that is this easy to use. When comparing Swing Profile to the other major players in video analysis, there is simply no comparison. I will recommend this app to every teaching pro I talk to.

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