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What is SwingProfile and how is it different from other golf analysis software?

SwingProfile is the world’s first golf video technology capable of automatically extracting and analyzing key components of golf swings.  No sensors required – just your mobile phone.  Exclusive features include:

  • Instant Profile creates Golf Digest-style Swing Sequence from your swing video.
  • Motion Trim records only the swing and deletes irrelevant footage.
  • Auto Line instantly measures club shaft angle and draws shaft line.
  • Dual Sync synchronizes two golf swings regardless of tempo differences. Perfect for side-by-side comparison.
  • Twin Cam synchronizes a front and down-the-line view of your swings, side-by-side.

SwingProfile is now available on iPhone/iPad.  Golfers can analyze their swing anytime anywhere.

SwingProfile was awarded “Best Overall Product” and “Best Market Research” at PGA Merchandise Show 2012.

For more information, please visit What is SwingProfile.

How does SwingProfile work?

SwingProfile operates on video only (no sensors!) and uses state-of-the-art motion analysis algorithm (patent-pending) to pick the video frames that contains the key swing positions such as top and impact.


Capturing Swings

What is the purpose of the border color and sound?

SwingProfile uses border color and sound to communicate the required action from user:

  • No Border Color – Capture Pause.  Tap to start capturing.
  • Flashing Yellow – Excessive Movement – Not Ready To Capture.  The golfer must initiate a proper swing with a 1-3 seconds pause at the address position to distinguish from a random practice swing.Other excessive movement caused by shaky camera or moving objects in the background will also hinder capture.
  • Green – Ready To Capture (single beep). The golfer may now perform a swing.
  • Flashing Green – Swing Captured (double beep).  It then takes 3-6 seconds (device-dependent) to prepare for next capture.

In brief, green border means ready to capture; flashing borders means not ready to capture.

I am capturing my own swing; how do I know if a swing has been captured correctly?

SwingProfile is designed for “Do-It-Yourself” golf analysis. It communicates to the golfer using sound and border-color.  In a public place such as driving range where you may choose to turn off the sound, you can still watch the border color to be informed of SwingProfile’s operation.

If sound is turned on, you can simply listened to single and double beep as signals to ready-to-swing and swing-captured, respectively.

If sound is turned off, you can glance over the screen at a distance. As long as the border color is not flashing, you know that SwingProfile is ready to capture; and once a capture has been made, you will see the flashing red color and the popped-out swing sequence.

I just captured a swing, but the key positions are a bit out.  Can I adjust them?

Due to subjective nature of key position definition and image quality, the key positions (especially the impact position) are usually accurate only within 2 frames.  You can adjust them by going to “Sequence View”-“User” and then choose “Fine Tune”.

 I tried many times and I couldn’t get a capture! What’s the problem?

1) Make sure your device is supported – minimum requirement iPhone 4, iPad 2, and iPod 5.

2) SwingProfile works purely on video and therefore its performance depends on image quality.  Good contrast between the golfer and the background, and steadiness of the image are the two most important factor.  You may consider trying a different time, location, or clothing that provide better lighting and contrast in the environment.  For details on optimal conditions and troubleshooting, please see Using SwingProfile.

3) Meanwhile, you can test your SwingProfile app on the Try It page.

Can I capture TV broadcast?

Yes – this is an undocumented feature.  For optimal quality, make sure that there is no glare on the screen and the images show good contrast.

What swing speed can SwingProfile capture?

SwingProfile has no problem with capturing fast swings; it has been tested with some of the fastest swings, including those of Tiger Woods and Rickie Fowler.

On the other hand, slow swings with long takeaway and top pause are often regarded by SwingProfile as practice swings and they may not be captured.  You can remedy by speeding up the backswing.

 The moving parts of the image are blurred.

Choose a brighter environment and the captured images will be sharper with less blurring.