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Swing Profile Features

Awarded the Best Overall Product and Best Market Research at the PGA Merchandise Show, 2012, in Florida, Swing Profile presents the world’s first golf swing analysis software that requires only your mobile device to automatically capture and display ‘Golf-Digest’ style swing sequences. The main features of Swing Profile include auto-replay, auto-capture, auto-swing sequencing, auto-draw reference swing plane, auto-video swing synchronization, coaching tools, and a coach-student chat.

Auto Replay

Swing Profile automatically detects your golf swing and plays back your swing video in slow motion after the shot. You can diagnose and correct flaws instantly after each swing, without touching the device.

Auto Capture

Point the camera at your golf swing, and Swing Profile will automatically detect and record the swing video. The video is trimmed automatically to keep only the 2-second swing motion, making the video compact and easy to analyze.

Station your device to point at your golf swings, and capture hundreds of shots completely hands-free. Swing Profile captures and analyzes multiple golf swings so you can check your consistency.

No need to attach sensors to your club or body! Swing Profile turns your mobile device into the most powerful golf swing analyzer and training aid.

Auto Swing Sequence

Swing Profile automatically generates ‘Golf-Digest’ style swing sequences every time a swing is detected, so there is no need to manually track through a video to find the key positions to analyze your swing.

Brand captured swings

Brand each swing sequence and video with your own business logo! – perfect for golf schools, colleges or corporate events.

Auto Draw Reference Swing Plane

Swing Profile automatically draws standard reference lines on your video so you can immediately check and improve your swing plane. When paired with ‘auto-replay’, you can quickly develop a stable and consistent swing plane.

Auto Synchronize Swing Videos

Every recorded swing can be synchronized and compared with other swings, allowing you to monitor your progress or compare your form with professionals.

Coaching Features

Coaches can record voiceover videos analyzing student videos, using both audio and on-screen drawing tools.

Coach-Student Chat

Coaches and students can converse and send swings privately using Swing Profile’s Coach-Student Chat feature. Remote lessons are efficiently delivered with notes and voiceover recordings accessible within the chat, making teaching, learning, and progress-tracking easy and effortless.

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