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Create your own Golf Swing Sequences with Swing Profile

You can use Swing Profile to create your own beautiful Golf-Digest Swing Sequences in seconds using only your iPhone or your iPad. These sequences highlight the key positions in your swing.

Creating your own Swing Sequence

Swing Profile makes it easy to capture your own golf swing sequences. Simply point the camera at your golf swing and let Swing Profile do the rest. Your golf swing sequence will be instantly generated!  You can share or compare your swing sequences with others.

Learn more about creating your own swing sequence here.

Capturing a swing from TV

It is easy to capture a professional’s golf swing too! Just point your device at the TV or monitor and Swing Profile will automatically capture the swing. This allows you to capture and save any professional golf swing which you can then compare to your own. This is perfect if you are working on emulating a specific pro’s technique, or just wish to see how you stack up.

You can find a full list of instructions for capturing a swing from TV as well as a some example videos for you to practice, on our try-it page.

Learn more about capturing or importing swings here.

NZPGA Championship 2016

Swing Profile was given the opportunity to capture professional and amateur golf swing sequences during the Pro-Am event prior to the Championship. We had the opportunity to capture Sir Bob Chales swing who has won the even 3 times; ’61, ’79 and ’80.

Sir Bob Charles' golf swing sequence, captured at Hole #1 Remuera Golf Course during the pro-am round of the NZ PGA Championship

Posted by Swing Profile on Wednesday, March 2, 2016

During the Championship, we partnered up with the NZPGA to offer the public the ability to use Swing Profile while receiving free lessons from a PGA coach. This enabled them to visually analyze their golf swing, as well as capturing and receiving a soft-copy of their golf swing sequence. People were amazed at how quickly their swings were captured and sequences generated. See more in the video below;

At NZ PGA coaching sessions, we use Swing Profile to automatically record golfer's golf swing and make instant swing sequence, then send a copy to the golfer's email as a souvenir.

Posted by Swing Profile on Friday, March 4, 2016