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Golf Swing Video Analysis is easy with Swing Profile

Golf swing video analysis with Swing Profile is fast and simple. This page briefly outlines the features you can use to analyze your swing video.

Auto Replay to view swings

Use the Auto Replay function to instantly play back your swing to you in slow motion after every shot. This feature is perfect for training sessions at the range, or as a teaching tool for golf coaches. Take advantage of Swing Profile’s Auto Replay feature to conduct your own golf swing video analysis.

Learn more about setting up and using Auto Replay here.

Swing Plane & other important lines

For down-the-line shots, Swing Profile automatically generates swing plane lines (shown in green). These can help when improving the club head position during your swing. Drawing tools are also available to highlight other important lines and positions during the swing (shown in yellow), enhancing the golf swing video analysis.

Learn more about our analysis tools here.

Synchronize and compare swings

Swing Profile can automatically synchronize any swings regardless of tempo. This allows users to easily compare any golf swings within the Swing Profile library. You can even import or capture professional TOUR player swings for comparison. Conduct golf swing video analysis on two separate swings to compare key positions and body posture.

Learn more about comparing swings here.

Record and share your analysis

Use Swing Profiles voice-over video recording feature to record and share your golf swing video analysis as you do it. All audio, drawing and video playback is recorded. These can then be shared with friends, students or coaches, making it an ideal remote coaching tool.

Learn more about sharing your swings here.