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5 Features You Need for Golf Swing Analysis Software

Feel isn’t real and it is generally accepted that golfers need to see their own golf swing to improve. Are you using golf swing analysis software such as V1 Golf, Coach’s Eye, and Hudl technique, or just shopping for one?

If so, here are 5 reasons why you should try Swing Profile, a new generation of golf swing analyzer;

1. Automatic Swing Detection and Recording

Point at the golf swing with the camera, and Swing Profile will automatically detect and record the golf swing, completely hands-free. This means you can use a mobile phone holder to position your camera to point at your own golf swing in a practice session, and Swing Profile will automatically record every swing and cut out all redundant footage.

Swing Profile uses patent-pending state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence to do swing detection. No other golf analysis software in the market – neither V1 Golf, Coach’s Eye nor Hudl – has this capability.

Did you know that if you record your entire golf practice session, only 10% of the video shows your golf swing? Swing Profile selectively records only this 10% of video, saving video storage space but more importantly, saving golfers time to search for their swing video.

2. Automatically make Swing Sequence. Automatically Draw Reference Line. Automatically Synchronize Swing Videos.

Swing Profile automation doesn’t just stop at swing detection.

Every golfer loves to see beautiful Golf-Digest style swing sequences, but I guess you’ve never seen YOUR OWN SWING SEQUENCE, right? It takes a lot of time and effort to go through the swing video, pick out the relevant frames and compile them. Let alone on the driving range or golf course.

But not for Swing Profile. At swing detection, Swing Profile already knows the key position of your swing, picks them out and makes your swing sequence instantly. There is no waiting. When we first demonstrated this at the PGA Merchandise Show in 2012, many golfers were left completely speechless when they saw their swing sequence appear the moment their golf swing was captured.

More than just a pretty picture, swing sequence is an extremely important snapshot summary of the golf swing which is useful for vizualising progress over time and comparing swings.

To make swing analysis easier, Swing Profile also detects and draws reference lines so you can easily see flaws in the swing.  These two reference lines – the line through the club and the line through the golfer’s neck and the ball at address – are commonly used by coaches to identify correct swing plane.  Another  time-saving feature.

Swing Profile makes swing comparison easy by automatically synchronizing any golf swings of completely different speed.  It matches multiple key positions of the two golf swings, so when you move one swing to say the top position, the other swing will automatically move to the same corresponding position too.  In fact, Swing Profile can automatically synchronize multiple golf swings.

3. True instant feedback. Swing Profile is an Amazing Golf Training Aid

After Swing Profile detects and records your swing, it instantly plays back the swing video to you so you know what your swing looks like (this feature is called “Auto Replay”). You don’t need to wait or hit any button.   On the other hand if you record with V1 Golf, Coach’s Eye and Hudl, by the time you are done searching over the video and see the swing,  you’d have forgotten what technique you were working on.  And that’s for just one swing.  This is not true “instant feedback”.

Swing Profile is so fast that you can use it for training like a mirror, only much better because mirror can’t show your full swing, slow motion or replay.  Check your technique over every shot.  Spot flaws.  Refine technique.  Build “muscle memory”.  Now this is true instant feedback.  “Bio Feedback”.