5 Features You Need for Golf Swing Analysis Software2016-11-13T21:40:22+00:00

4. No sensors to attach

Just download Swing Profile to your iPhone or iPad and you can use it straightaway.  There is no sensor to purchase, no attachment to your club, no bluetooth connection, installing and re-installing the sensor as you move from one club to another.

For many golf coaches and serious golfers in particular, they don’t want to attach any sensor to the club because it hinders the swing and disrupt the training.  The fact that Swing Profile works only off the iPhone/iPad camera and means that you can carry and use this technology anywhere, be it driving range, golf course or even in your office.

5. Swing Profile is a Free Golf Analysis Software

Swing Profile is a Free app for iPhone and iPad.  You can experience and continually use the technology completely free of charge, only upgrade when you are ready for more features.  There is no risk in downloading and trying Swing Profile.

So these are the 5 reasons in a nutshell.  If you’ve been using V1 Golf, Coach’s Eye or Hudl or any other golf swing analysis software, you will found Swing Profile a completely different class of golf analysis technology.  And it’s much easier to use and much faster.  It will save you hours of video analysis time, that you could otherwise spend on golf training.

Swing Profile was awarded “Best Overall Product” and “Best Market Research” at PGA Merchandise Show 2012.  It is used by some of the best golf coaches including LPGA Nation President and NZPGA President for teaching.  Download and try it for yourself now.