SwingProfile Technology Overview2016-11-02T06:51:27+00:00

SwingProfile is currently the most advanced golf video analysis technology. Its features are easily summarized by the 5 A’s:

  1. Auto Capture – recognizing and recording swing motion only
  2. Auto Trim – keeping only the raw swing motion by trimming away redundant footages
  3. Auto Sequence – creating Golf Digest-style swing sequence
  4. Auto Line – drawing swing plane
  5. Auto Sync – synchronizing two different swings regardless of tempo difference

SwingProfile operates on live video and does not require any external sensor. It is now available as both iPhone and iPad apps.


For every golfer who’s spent hours perfecting their swing, ‘SwingProfile’ provides the first direct access to immediate results. Imagine instant access to every component of your stroke at the touch of a button, with no specialist equipment required. ‘SwingProfile’ automatically analyses any camera footage (mobile phone, iPad, laptop or camera) to show you a comprehensive breakdown of every element of your stroke. There is no limit to how long you can record your swing when practicing, and you can record it all in one-take! No need to search or edit through hours of film time; ‘SwingProfile’ analyzes and plays back your strokes and nothing else. Imagine the time you will save!

For the first time, you can analyze your own swing from the actual golf course rather than an artificial setup because ‘SwingProfile’ lets you practice anywhere you like, for as long as you like, and still delivers instant visual feedback on every part of your swing. ‘SwingProfile’ features automatic lines drawn for your club, angles measured for you, instant comparison of your golf swing with a professional golfer of your choice and many more intelligent capabilities.

For a brief tutorial of how SwingProfile iPhone works, please see the following short clip.