Swing Profile

How Fast? Instant

Point at a golf swing with your iPhone or iPad camera, and Swing Profile’s advanced Artificial Intelligence will automatically detect the swing, and create golf digest style swing sequence for checking those critical golf positions.


Complete Handsfree Operation

No need to ask a stranger to film your golf swing! Position the camera with a mobile holder, and Swing Profile will automatically recognize the golf swing and record only the swing motion.


Making Your Practice Perfect

Swing Profile automatically draws swing plane to give you instant feedback on your club position relative to the swing plane.


Compare with Pro Swing with Ease

When comparing your swing to that of a pro, the two swings are automatically synchronized, making comparison extremely easy and fast.


No Sensor. No Hardware. Just your iPhone or iPad

No need to purchase and carry new hardware, or attach clumsy sensors to your golf club. Swing Profile turns your iPhone or iPad into the coolest golf swing analyzer.


Award-Winning Artificial Intelligence

Swing Profile Artificial Intelligence is unique in the market and is patent-pending. It received the “Best Overall Product” and “Best Market Research” at the 2012 PGA Merchandise Show in Florida.


Trusted by the World’s Best Golf Coaches

The Swing Profile Pro application is the best one I’ve seen in my 32 years as a PGA Golf Professional. The application is easy for the instructor and student to use and the options are second to none. It’s also breaks down each segment of the swing immediately which allows for perfect and timely analysis. My students are thrilled with the detail and functionality of this program. I highly recommend this application!!
Douglas Hendricks,

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SwingProfile golf swing analyzer and training aid is a must-have for golfers of all level.

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