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What’s New in Swing Profile Version 10?

In our biggest update yet to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Swing Profile winning “Best Overall Product” in PGA Merchandise Show, we’ve created a brand-new Coach App with features specially designed for golf coaches.

Additionally, we’ve incorporated many new features such as improved algorithm for more robust Auto-Capture, Automatic Cloud Storage tool, and refurbished Community Sharing to connect golfers all over the world.

The Coach App

One of the biggest changes to Swing Profile is the addition of “Coach App” specifically made for golf coaches to manage multiple students. Coaches are given a variety of tools to make connecting with students easy and efficient.

Student Lockers

We’ve implemented a “Student Locker” system for coaches to organize student videos into their own separate folders for easy retrieval. You can converse with and send videos to students using our fast video exchange in a single tap.

Efficient Coach-Student Communication

Every swing video that is sent has an in-built chat function to make discussing swings with students simple. Moreover, we’ve simplified the online video analysis workflow for efficient coach-student communication. Easily analyze student videos with the voiceover function, and send them back to the student.

Coach Directory

Those who have a Swing Profile Coach subscription may enlist themselves to feature on our Coach Directory for hundreds of thousands of Swing Profile users to see. Students may select you through the Coach Directory, or you can add them with an invitation link directly through social media or email.

Simply press “User Profile” then “Coach Settings” to personalize your business.

New Auto-Capture Algorithm

Our patented algorithm that took home two awards at the PGA Merchandise Show including “Best Overall Product” has been further enhanced for greater precision. Swing Profile ensures that every swing you make will be automatically captured and analyzed in an instant, all at the touch of a button.

Automatic Cloud Storage

Access all your videos on multiple devices with our new Automatic Cloud Storage feature (“User Profile” – “App Settings”). By simply enabling auto-backup, you can view videos taken on other devices, securely storing them on cloud to never lose a video again.

Community Sharing

Share and discuss your swing videos with other enthusiastic golfers on our Community tab with our in-built chat. You may share them publicly, looking for feedback or advice from users everywhere around the globe, or you can share them to just your friends or students.

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