Fixing Doesn’t Fix

Fixing Doesn't Fix We have a cultural belief that when things are broke we should fix them.  That belief transfers into golf and our golf swings.  Most players have no idea what is actually happening in the two seconds it takes to make their swing. They make a swing and look for the ball [...]

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What’s Your Target?

What's Your Target Vince is a District Judge in Philadelphia. He came to me for a golf lesson and during the initial interview he said that he wanted to stop the sway in his swing.  After asking him how that he knows that he sways he said “his friends tell him that he does”. [...]

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Adam Scott Swing Analysis

Adam Scott Swing Analysis Adam Scott is widely considered to have one of if not the best swing in modern golf. If you were to design a golf swing from the beginning, his swing is most likely to be close to the finished product. Adam’s swing epitimises the modern, athletic golf [...]

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Jimmy Walker Swing Analysis

Jimmy Walker Swing Analysis Over the last couple of years Jimmy Walker has been one of the most consistent players on the PGA Tour, and has most certainly earned his right to be positioned in the top 20 players in the world. Since Joining the Butch Harmon stable over two years [...]

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Henrick Stenson Swing Analysis

Henrick Stenson Swing Analysis Over the last number of years, Sweede Henrik Stenson has firmly cemented his place as one of the best players in the world. Although he has not won a major yet, he has consistently maintained a place in the worlds top ten players. In 2013 he reached his highest world [...]

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Bomb It Like Brooks

Bomb it Like Brooks Traditionally when we think of long drivers on the PGA tour, we always think of the high, heavily drawing ball flight that has been whipped through with an inside out path with a heavily rotating face to maximize distance. Most people think that the fade bias guys [...]

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