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Swing Profile – one of the best Golf Training Aids available

Golfers have many options when selecting from the numerous golf training aids available. Swing Profile offers a cost effective alternative to the high-priced, complex-hardware systems available. In fact, Swing Profile does not need any hardware at all, only your iPhone or iPad.

Simple, and Fast!

Most golf training aids require manuals explaining the setup and calibration, and then require further work to process and interpret the data. Swing Profile is simple and fast for anyone to use and understand. Simply download the app onto your iPhone or iPad, and point your camera at a golf swing.

Learn how to create your own swing sequence here.

Advanced Technology

Swing Profile is the most advanced visual golf training aids available. Using advanced artificial intelligence, Swing Profile is capable of detecting and trimming your golf swing videos automatically. This alone makes Swing Profile the best visual golf training aid for coaches as their sessions can be more efficient, which in turn is better for the student. Less time wasted trimming videos, more time learning!

Learn more about the inventor here.

Analyze Anywhere

Unlike other golf training aids, Swing Profile requires no hardware to capture and analyze a golf swing – only your iPhone or iPad. This means that you are free to analyze your golf swing anywhere at a moments notice; at home, the office, the range or even during a round. Why wait to get home to diagnose a problem with your swing? Do it straight away!

Learn more about Auto Capture here.

See your Swing Instantly

Enhance your golf training with Swing Profile Auto Replay. This advanced feature allows golfers to see their swing in slow motion instantly after hitting the ball. Spots flaws and problems like never before as you can see your true swing straight away. This feature is the perfect tool for coaches and keen players, making their practices more efficient by using instant feedback to help develop the swing.

Learn more about setting up and using Auto Replay here.

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