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Swing Profile Tutorials

This page provides step-by-step tutorials for learning how to best use the key features of Swing Profile. Note that throughout the tutorials, both iPad and iPhone graphics are available from the image sliders. Please select a Swing Profile feature to learn about from the menu below;

* NEW * Swing Profile Coach Version Features

Swing Profile Basics

Swing Profile is the world’s first technology that automatically detects and records golf swings in seconds. You can film another golfer’s swing, or position your device on a tripod or a golf bag to capture your own swing.

Before diving into the more detailed tutorials, it is important to understand and famaliarize yourself with the basic use and operation of Swing Profile.

Hardware and Platform Requirements

These are the minimum requirements in order to run Swing Profile.

  • iPhone 5 or above
  • iPad 2 or above
  • iOS 8 or above

First Use and Basic Navigation

Once you have downloaded Swing Profile on your iPhone or iPad, the first time you open the app, you will need to create an account using a valid email address or login with your Facebook account details.

Log into Swing Profile and you will arrive at the Library screen. From here, it is easy to navigate to various locations within Swing Profile. Additionally, selecting the menu icon in the upper left corner allows you to access options such as;

  • Adjusting your user profile,
  • Upgrading or renewing your current subscription plan,
  • Purchasing mobile holders,
  • Synchronizing swings between devices using the cloud.

Capture Screen

The Capture screen is used to record any swings using Swing Profile. There are many features available, which can be toggled from this screen. Access this screen by pressing the Capture icon from the Library screen.

On screen guides and information

Swing Profile provides useful information to the user.

  • Number of swings captured for this session and preview of last swing
  • Head and feet brackets to assist in fitting golfer
  • Basic guide for capturing a swing
  • Help and information

 Capture mode settings

Swing Profile provides several capture mode settings to allow you to capture your swing in different ways.

  • Impact sound detection : used to reduce the chance of false detections by also requiring an impact sound for a swing to qualify.
  • Camera selection : used to toggle between the front and back cameras depending on the orientation of the device.
  • Brightness slider : used to adjust the brightness of an image to account for varying lighting conditions.
  • Camera speed : used to adjust the speed of capture, measured in frames per second (FPS). Note that the FPS limit depends on the device and the camera (front/back).
  • Capture mode : used to select the capture mode type; manual, automatic, auto-replay.
  • Capture button : used to begin a capture.

Library Screen

Library organises all the swings you have recorded, imported or downloaded on your device. When using multiple devices, the swings shown in the Library can be synchronized by pulling down at the Library screen. This will update your current device to include any swings stored on the cloud.

Swings can be arranged chronologically (default), by golfers or by favourites. Change the arrangement using the drop down menu at the top of the screen.

Help with this screen is available at any time using the help button.

Team and Community

Once you capture your swings, you can share these with a team privately, or get feedback from the online community.


The Team feature allows groups of people to share and comment on swings privately. This would be suitable for friends or coaches. Team can be accessed by clicking on the Team icon when in the Library screen.


The Community feature allows users to upload swings online, and receive feedback from other Swing Profile users. Community can be accessed by clicking on the Community icon when in the Library screen.

Uploading a swing
To upload your own swing, select a swing from the Library screen, select Share and then select Post to Community. When sharing, you are able to customize the accompanying message, to ask for tips, ratings or anything else. You will be notified via email when someone provides feedback on you swing.

Viewing other peoples swings
When in Community, you can click of any of the swings shown. This allows you to comment, rate or download any swing. Swing Profile displays featured swings first, but recent swings can be viewed by using the drop down menu.

Importing Videos

Swing Profile allows you to import swings into the library using two main methods. Recording from a screen (TV/Computer etc) or using the Import function to use a previously recorded swing captured on the device.

Recording from a screen

Swing Profile can be used to capture a swing that is on any screen. This means that you can capture a swing during a live broadcast on TV, or on any swing on YouTube or other video.

To do this, use Swing Profile as if you were capturing a proper swing;

  1. Either use a down-the-line (DTL) or front orientation
  2. Fit the golfer to the grid
  3. Capture the swing

For best results, it is recommended that you use a high-resolution screen and minimize any glare that may influence the recording. A video demonstrating the process is provided. Example swings for testing can be found here.

Importing a Swing

With the iPad version of Swing Profile, you can import previously recorded swings which are stored on the iPad’s Camera Roll. These will be imported as manual recordings and the swing positions will need to be manually defined for accurate comparison. To import a swing, follow the instructions below;

  1. From the Library screen, click the Menu icon, then select Import Swing.
  2. Select the video of the swing you would like to import, and trim the video using the bar above to highlight only the swing sequence.
  3. Adjust the viewing window to fit the golfer using the guide, then select Import.

Now the swing is imported and will be visible in the Library view. To compare to an auto-captured swing, the swing positions will need to be defined using the Fine Tune function.

Auto Capture

This tutorial will cover the basics for using the Auto Capture feature of Swing Profile to capture your golf swings. Please watch the accompanying video more information on how to use Auto Capture.

Setting up

Optimal Environment

Before you use Auto Capture, it is important to create the best environment to capture your swing. Use these guidelines to ensure your swing will be captured easily.

  • Open, distant background – try to avoid moving objects, cluttered or close-range backgrounds.
  • Keep clothes plain – ideally a light top and dark pants.
  • Smooth and swift swings.
  • Minimize camera movements during recording – either holding camera steady or using a holder for your device.
  • Use brightness slider to ensure the subject is well lit. Outdoor overcast produces best results.

Capture settings

Specify capture settings prior to recording. This may include the use of Impact sound detection, the selection of the camera speed (FPS) and which camera (front/back) to use. Focus on the subject by tapping the screen. Note once recording has begun, these cannot be changed.

Device placement

Swing Profile provides a guide grid within the Capture screen which helps to create the best swing capture. For best results, ensure that the golfer’s head and feet are within the designated areas. Being too close or too far may result in swings not being captured.

Capturing swings on your own
To capture swings on your own, place a marker on the ground as a guide to help align the device. Use any sturdy objects to prop up your device (ie. cups or books) around 6-8 feet away from the marker. Alternatively, purchase a mobile holder from our shop to secure your device. These are ideal for the golf course or driving range as they can be attached to your golf bag.

Use the marker as a reference, and fit it to the lower feet grid. This will create a good capture setup. Experiment by capturing swings to see what distances works best for you.

Capturing swings with a friend
Capturing swings with a friend is much easier. Have the person recording stand around 6-8 feet away, and fit the golfer to the grid. Experiment to find the distance that works best. Ensure that the device is held steady during recording for best results.

Capturing swings

Once device is setup correctly, press the Capture button to begin. The status of Swing Profile during capture is indicated using colours which are outlined below;

Capture screen colour Status of Swing Profile
Excessive movement / Mid capture :
Prior to a swing, a yellow screen indicates excessive movement. To solve this, hold the device steady. The screen will change to green when Swing Profile is ready to capture a swing.

During a swing, a yellow screen indicates that Swing Profile is recording the swing. A successful capture will turn the screen red after this.
Ready to swing :
When the screen turns green, Swing Profile is ready to capture a swing. This normally requires 1-2 seconds of pause while addressing the ball.
Successful capture :
A red screen indicates that a swing has been successfully captured. This is also accompanied by a double beep sound and a brief appearance of the captured swing sequence.


After a swing has been successfully captured, simply address the ball and await the green signal and continue capturing swings. You can continue to record swings within a single capture making Swing Profile an ideal training tool for the driving range.

Twin Cam

This tutorial will show you how to create a Twin-Cam swing video. With this tutorial, you will be able compare your swing from two different angles using a single device, to help spot areas that may need improvement. Please watch the accompanying video more information on how to use the Twin Cam feature.

Setting up

Setting up for twin cam is simple and depends on if you are alone, or have a friend with you. Follow the same steps as outlined in the Auto-Capture section for setting up your device.

Capturing and Synchronizing Swings

Capturing swings for twin-cam is a simple two-stage process;

  1. Capture a down-the-line swing
  2. Capture a front swing

Select both of these swings from the Library screen and press the Analyze button. From here, you can fine tune and sychronize your swings, allowing you to analzye your swing from two different angles.

Auto Replay

This tutorial will show you how to use the Auto-Replay feature of Swing Profile. With this tutorial, you will be able to review your technique after each swing, allowing you to make changes during your practice with minimal interference between swings. Please watch the accompanying video more information on how to use the Auto Replay feature.

Setting up

Auto-Replay is best used with the device positioned to capture a swing on your own. The setup will be identical to the Auto-Capture method, please refer to that section for more detailed setup information. The basic steps for setup include;

  1. Position your device
  2. Select the auto-replay capture mode
  3. Fit golfer to grid by using club as a reference

Capturing and Reviewing Swings

Select the capture button to begin Auto-Capture. The screen will change to show a live capture screen in the corner of your device. Wait for the green signal and swing normally to capture a swing.

Once captured, the previous swing can be reviewed instantly in slow-motion by looking back at your device. The swing replay will continue to play until another swing is captured. Auto Replay performs best when used with an iPad as the swing can be seen easily from a distance.

Changes can be made based on previous swings and you can continue to capture swings by simply addressing the ball, waiting for the green signal and swinging. Swing Profile will always display your most recent captured swing for review.

Adjusting the replayed swing

Swing Profile allows a user to define the section and speed of their swing they would like replayed.  To adjust the displayed section of your swing, start the Auto Replay capture mode, and select speed and swing section from the menu bar at the bottom.

Analyzing Swings

Analyzing a Single Swing

You can analyze any swing you have on your device. In Library, select any swing and press the Analyze button. Swing Profile offers many tools to examine your recorded swing.

  • Fine tune : allows users to tune the key positions automatically detected by Swing Profile
  • Swing plane : automatically overlays reference lines to indicate the swing plane which can be used during lessons
  • Drawing tool : allows users to make their own reference marks on the video
  • Voice over recording : allows users to record voice and drawings while analyzing a swing. These recordings can be sent to other Swing Profile users, and is a perfect tool for coaches and students

Comparing Multiple Swings

You can compare multiple swings on your device. In Library, select the swings you would like to compare and press the Compare button. Depending on your device and subscription, Swing Profile can compare a large number of swings. The full set of tools for analyzing a single swing are available. Swing Profile will automatically synchronize the swings being compared which will allow for improved comparison.