Create Rory McIlroy Swing Sequence in 10 Seconds


  1. Download Swing Profile golf app onto your iPhone/iPad from Apple App store
  2. Start Swing Profile golf app. Hold up the iPhone steadily with two hands, and use the back camera to capture the golfer in the test video.
  3. Start playing the golf practice video or the PGA recording below.
  4. Fit the golfer with the grid and then start capture. Action according to border color and live diagnosis. You should see swing sequences appearing on screen as swings are being captured. Replay the test video to repeat tests.

Note that Swing Profile requires a) still background and b) a pause from the golfer before full swing. When these conditions are met, the border will turn green only then you are ready to capture. In case of false-detection, wait until processing is finished then try to capture another swing.  For information on the minimum hardware requirements, please refer to our tutorials page here.

Golf Swing Sequences

Many golf coaches have already adopted Swing Profile for full-time teaching, because Swing Profile saves valuable time on video analysis.  After the lesson, the coach can send both the swing video and swing sequences to the student for record keeping.

Few golfers have seen their own swing sequence because it takes so much time to pick out the key frames from the video and stitch them together nicely.  Swing Profile creates swing sequence automatically during capture. No external sensor or equipment is required. Try it now.

Practice using Swing Profile on the videos below