Importing Videos

You can import a swing into your Swing Profile Library from your camera roll.
These will be imported as manual recordings and the swing positions will need to be manually defined for accurate comparison. 

To import a swing:

  1. From the Library screen, click the Menu icon, then select Import Swing.
  2. Select the video of the swing you would like to import, and trim the video using the bar above to highlight only the swing sequence.
  3. Adjust the viewing window to fit the golfer using the guide, then select Import.

Now the swing is imported and will be visible in the Library view. To compare to an auto-captured swing, the swing positions will need to be defined using the Fine Tune function.

Swing not in Camera Roll?

Try recording from a screen. Swing Profile can be used to capture a swing that is on any screen, e.g a live broadcast, YouTube etc.

To do this, use Swing Profile as if you were capturing a proper swing;

  1. Either use a down-the-line (DTL) or front orientation
  2. Fit the golfer to the grid
  3. Capture the swing

For best results, use a high-resolution screen and minimize glare. A video demonstrating the process is provided.

Example swings for testing can be found here.