Why is Swing Profile not recording any swings?

1. Firstly (and most importantly!) please ensure that you have pressed the red ‘record’ button to begin the swing recording process.

2. Ensure that you are framing the golfer within the camera frame such that the golfer’s entire body should match the height and position of the white golfer outline.

Swing Profile’s ‘Golfer Fitting Helper’ tool is designed to assist you in framing the golfer within the shot. For more information, refer to our tutorial here.

3. Ensure that the camera is focused on you, and the picture is exposed correctly, by tapping on the golfer within the frame.

4. If steps 1) – 3) did not resolve the issue, please turn off the following settings (one at a time, in the following order) to see if the app reliably detects your swings again.

Still need help? Contact us at info@swingprofile.com. We’ll answer all email inquiries within a 24-hour timeframe.