What is the Elite / Coach app?

The Swing Profile app can be used in ‘Elite’ or ‘Coach’ mode, as the app is designed to be both a swing analysis tool and a coaching platform. 

Please note that the ‘Elite’ and ‘Coach’ modes are separate to the Swing Profile ‘Elite’ or ‘Coach’ subscriptions (i.e. you do not need to purchase a subscription to use the app in either mode).

Elite Mode

The ‘Elite’ mode is distinguished by the distinct turquoise colors that have been a trademark of the Swing Profile app.

The ‘Elite’ mode is recommended for all users who wish to use Swing Profile as their personal swing analysis and training tool, including connecting and interacting with Swing Profile coaches through the app.

Coach Mode

The ‘Coach’ mode is distinguished by its brown-colored section dividers in the ‘ALL SWINGS’ tab. ‘Coach’ mode is tailored to meet the needs of coaches who wish to use Swing Profile as their coaching platform.

Alongside all the features of ‘Elite’ mode, ‘Coach’ mode allows you to:

  • Create and publish your coaching profile in the Swing Profile coach directory
  • Organize and store videos into individual ‘student lockers’
  • Invite and connect with other Swing Profile users for quick and easy video sharing

We recommend using ‘Coach’ mode on the iPad as the spacious screen size is convenient for coaches as they record and analyze videos for their students.

For more information about the Swing Profile Coach app, check out our quick 3-minute demonstration.