Setting Up

Optimal Environment

Before you use Auto Capture, it is important to create the best environment to capture your swing. Use these guidelines to ensure your swing will be captured easily.

  • Open, distant background – try to avoid moving objects, cluttered or close-range backgrounds.
  • Keep clothes plain – ideally a light top and dark pants.
  • Smooth and swift swings.
  • Minimize camera movements during recording – either holding camera steady or using a holder for your device.
  • Use brightness slider to ensure the subject is well lit. Alternatively, tap on the golfer to re-adjust the camera exposure and focus.
  • Outdoor overcast environments produces best results.

Capture settings

Specify capture settings prior to recording. This may include the use of Impact sound detection, the selection of the camera speed (FPS) and which camera (front/back) to use. Note once recording has begun, these cannot be changed.

Device placement

Swing Profile provides a golfer outline within the Capture screen which helps to create the best swing capture. For best results, ensure that the golfer’s head and feet align with the golfer outline. Being too small or large in the camera frame may result in swings not being captured.

Capturing swings on your own

To capture swings on your own, place a marker on the ground as a guide to help align the device. Use any sturdy objects to prop up your device (ie. cups or books) around 6-8 feet away from the marker. Alternatively, purchase a mobile holder to secure your device. These are ideal for the golf course or driving range as they can be attached to your golf bag.

Use the marker as a reference, and fit it to the lower feet grid. This will create a good capture setup. Experiment by capturing swings to see what distances works best for you.

Capturing swings with a friend

Capturing swings with a friend is much easier. Have the person recording stand around 6-8 feet away, and fit the golfer to the grid. Experiment to find the distance that works best. Ensure that the device is held steady during recording for best results.